10 great examples of graphic design portfolios

We tried to figure out the final cost of building our website when we first started, and it just became such a heavy point of focus for us that it paralyzed us from taking the first step towards creating a website.


At that time, a custom designed website might be in our future, but we were not ready for that kind of financial, mental and time commitments just yet.


We looked around the web and there were a few discussion articles about the cost of building a website. While those did give us a few reference points, they were focused on the costs of building


When we decided to build websites to experiment with generating income on the side back in 2010, we didn’t even know what the first step is to build a website, never mind the cost of building one.


Thank you for writing this. I am about to start this endeavor. I have a couple questions that maybe you can help me with if you don’t mind. First I am afraid of my idea getting out there and someone taking it. Is there a way to protect it? I have heard patents are not recommended for Web ideas. Also, my idea is an interactive one, not just a way to advertise etc. Not quite a game but maybe more so than just a web page. That’s where my confusion really comes in. I am about to do exactly what you have recommended with the drag and drop but I am naively assuming it won’t be something I can use with the public because of the interaction involved. I know I will need the program to watch out for many things and organize them as well. Any advice you can give me on that would be very appreciated.


The one-page portfolio site is a tricky thing to pull off, but Kfouri succeeds well in giving his colourful and impactful visuals – including single images and collages – room to breathe. Giving them almost the entire width of the screen, with just a couple of slim sidebars for context, allows visitors to enjoy and appreciate the wide scope of his work at a leisurely pace.


Scroll down on his site to see his work, and across on each one for more information about that project. Clever use of colour overlays again acts as a simple device to keep things distinctive and interesting.


Alex Coven, in his own words, “wears three hats”, as a freelance graphic designer, letterer and frontend developer based in Chicago, USA. He illustrates those hats literally on the homepage, which is a brilliantly simple way to convey the depth of his skills and experience.


It can, however, be helpful to look at the graphic design portfolio created by your peers – not only to get inspiration from their work, but to discover the self promotion methods they’ve used. In fact, even deciding you don’t like something about their portfolio may help you clarify what you want yours to achieve. Why not start with this selection of great graphic design portfolios?


When it comes to creating a stunning graphic design portfolio, there are a number of tips you should follow, but there’s no ‘one correct way’ to lay it out. In a way, that’s good; it means you’re free to experiment and showcase your creativity in designing your website. But it can also create a tyranny of choice: with so many possible avenues to go down, it can be difficult to find the right direction for you.


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